My name is Matt Dailey.

I am a composer, songwriter, post sound specialist and teacher.

Dailey Medium.jpg

I was born in Markham, Ontario, but grew up surrounded by my warm and loving family in a small town called Brantford. Early on I discovered my passion for recording things and making my own sounds.  I have always loved music from a very young age and my passion led me to learn both piano and the guitar.  If I wasn’t jamming to Xanadu by Rush on repeat I would write, record and dabble with effects to make unique and creative sonic spaces and show them to my friends.  I planned and produced short films with a good friend of mine as a young teenager and we quickly discovered a knack for the art.  We won a few awards in student film festivals and spent every available hour of our free time making movies and music.  I graduated high school, completing an internship position writing for the local newspaper and a full year media technology course.  I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production at York University – and began creating and recording music for both personal listening and for the film medium.  After working many professional film and audio gigs,  I continued my professional development with a Bachelor of Education, to open the incredible world of media up to a new generation of students. I currently teach Communications Technology to secondary school students.

I plan to continue what I started as a young kid recording in his bedroom.  I want to bring that same enthusiasm and ambition to my students, my music, and my sound-spaces.  I love being apart of creative projects – and I love experiencing the ambition of others, and my students.

That’s about it… so far.

I run a full audio production home studio – and have the means to do both professional level editing and mixing of video, audio, and graphic design.

If you are interested in my resume or portfolio please utilize my contact page.